Musings on the Death of a Tyrant….

Many are calling for those opposed to Thatcher to not celebrate her death when it comes, especially in the Labour Party.

I say………

In a world that cries out for equality, equity and social justice, there is no room for joy. No matter that Thatcher is an old woman, no matter that she is no longer insulting our screens and assaulting our senses with her hate and her hypocrisy. For most of us that lived through the barbarity of her rule, or reign, the death of the tyrant is the only beacon for light we have, or will see, without a terrible revolt that destroys all in order to remake and rebuild.

Many of us will not heed those calls, to replace days of dancing in the street, for a moment of quiet contemplation. We do not see the bright future you would have us await. We WILL shout to the heavens in pure and ecstatic joy. We WILL give the fascism of the right, their small victory, because they cannot do to us worse than she has already done. I WILL take my joy where I can find it. I WILL revel in the death of that hateful disciple, because I will hope that finally, the end of our living nightmare, may be hastened. For all your words of spirit to reincarnate our Labour of old, I ask you, where on your ‘tags’ of your pages, are the words, Equality, Equity, Social Justice. Where the solidarity of ‘The Occupy-ers’, where are ‘THE 99%’. AlmosJustice November 2011


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