Lessons from the USA and why Occupy must evolve…

Today’s U.S. political scene is scary. To be, what we would call ‘centre right’, which would more closely equate to old style Democrats, todays lot are raving fascists. I don’t quite get it though…when you look at their arts and culture scene, from writers to comedians to musicians, in the popular mainstream, there is a huge appetite for ‘liberal democracy’ and regulated markets. The way they’ve set up their political system means that you have to be very, very rich, or, be very well connected in order to raise sufficient money to stand even. I just don’t get why they’ve allowed their democracy to come to this!? At least our system isn’t that bad ..yet! Of course we’re buried in enrtrenched sectional interests and it’s still very difficult to break the stranglehold of the the three main parties, but it can be done and in a way that can make a difference. I’m thinking really of Caroline Lucas here. She manages to get her voice on the main stage and the big hitters do have to respond. It’s for this and several other reasons, which this isn’t probably the right forum to get into it, that I think, Occupy and The 99% movements have to go mainstream and form a political party. I know what the arguments against would be, like joining the enemy, getting marginalised by the professionals. For me, it doesn’t mean you do one thing or the other…be a campaigning protest group, OR a political party. In a grown up world, we should be capable of forming a truly democratic alliance, responsive to the activists and prevented from joining the Old Boys (and Girls) Clubs of the traditional parties.


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