Cleggy’s shout out for Camoron’s new wheeze…..

The fact that a third of the non-new money for Clegg’s Youth Contract will now go to employers, by way of a bribe to take people on, seems a bit like giving your mates a few bob to tide them over in tough times. No thoughts on how this will work, or the outcomes, is a gaping hole in the analysis that Cathy Newman provided in an otherwise good piece for Channel Four’s FactCheck for instance.

For one thing, it’s highly unlikely that many small to medium enterprises, SME’s, will take advantage of the scheme for a number of reasons, not least of which is the capacity to invent work in a time of low demand. Larger organisations, already operating on the very edge of legal requirements,minimum wage, maximum hours, have the capacity to use additional staff to ease the burden on already worked to the bone workforces.

The £300m or so, may well be used, especially with the new working regulations, to try out replacement staff for those perhaps unionised, or otherwise troublesome staff that can be sacked, without redress to a tribunal. The opportunity to reduce worker’s rights further, with the threat that replacements are already in place for those stepping out of line is unlikely to be forsworn. It’s another double whammy for Dave and his buddies in Big Business. Slap down the workers and get paid for it.

Intimidation and bullying is a part of the DNA of this CONDEM government. Never again will people say of  the Liberals that they are; ” …too nice” to be in government, especially after the recent Liberal Total Support for the Schools Minister, Nick Gibbs’ repeated threat, reported by the BBC, to withdraw the enhanced pensions offer if the unions don’t settle and cancel the strike.

Not to see this latest ‘reactive scheme’ by Cleggy and Co to deal with the Neep’s abandonement, for what it is..another jolly wheeze by the Tory Toffs to line their pals pockets, slap down the unions and silence the increasingly marginalised Labour opposition, …is to accept that they’ve got the best PR and spin. The rest of us have got ‘Occupy’ and hope.


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