Camoron and Gideon discuss Neet’s unemployment…

I can imagine the conversation between Camoron and Gideon,”The press are all over us on the number of waste of space kids without jobs…what we gonna tell ’em?” …”Ah, this one’s easy! We take the money out of working tax credits coz those people have got jobs anyway and they wouldn’t dare give them up, especially knowing there’s no benefits to fall back on-our buddies in big business can probably even cut their wages a bit! But that’s a double whammy! We can subsidise our buddies in big business to take on the kids…get’s rid of some more of the benefits culture, subsidises our mates so we can get executive directorships when we get our asses kicked at the next election…cool!”


What a great way to run a country. Rob Peter to pay Paul politics!

Whatever happened to Dave’s greatest promise “To make working pay for everybody, especially the poor, We’ll use the working tax credits system to make sure that everybody has a working wage”


Bullshit Dave!……….


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