My thoughts for today on…..Social Housing and other annoying stuff

As this is my blog, and you’re just visiting, I should  forewarn you that I’m quite annoyed today, so if you don’t feel like reading a rant against the Tory government, yes I know that Clegg and Co claim to have their own party, but let’s get real, they’ve lost whatever independent constituency they ever had, then i suggest you leave sort of…now..ish! Some people evidently have a lot more belief and trust in  the CONDEM government than myself and many others. . The plain truth is that,the Tories latest wheeze and intention, is to kick people out of their affordable housing whenever the local authority wants, this will then result in the Tories installing their mates in those houses, buying them, and then selling them on for a swift 100% mark up profit. This is the next great sell off of Public property, which we already own to those who can more than afford it, in exactly the same way as Westminster Council tories did in the eighties, with another added bonus for the tories of getting more of their voters into what was more likely to have been labour supporting houses. It’s the same old Tory scam all over again but with the added benefit of this scheme that they can socially cleanse the more affluent areas of the poor,particularly in London, but other cities as well. This nasty bunch of neocons are determined to erase all and any public support and financial help for the poor, the sick and disabled.

As for the Economy……….

Anybody that’s taken in by the absolute myth that austerity is the only way to deal with the country’s huge debt problem is totally gullible. All nations run on debt, as do most companies, which is why the restrictions on liquidity enforced by the banks in order to try and stabilise themselves after their huge gambling brought the country to it’s knees, is now restricting our ability to create growth in the economy to pay down that debt. We have been and still are, subsidising the Financial Services sector to the tune of nearly £50billion per annum, because they were deemed too big to fail, this in turn meant that it didn’t matter how much they gambled, the taxpayer had to pick up the tab. Once you take into account the tax that the sector pays, the FS sector is actually only worth less than 2% of GDP in real money!

. The great money go round of The City that ‘we can’t afford to lose’ actually contributes practically nothing to the real economy compared to it’s size. If it shrunk by half and moved to say New York or Frankfurt,it would actually help our economy to grow other sectors, like manufacturing for instance, where again contrary to what most people believe, the UK is the sixth or seventh largest manufacturing economy in the World.

We should impose the Tobin tax, the Robin Hood tax as it’s known, which will raise a few £ billion pa and stabilise the markets dramatically because it will cut down on market speculation. The few firms that re-locate will not be a loss! It’s time to fight back for the 99%-even if many don’t realise they need us to!


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